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Not Just “ANY” Words, but “UP” Words!

July 11, 2008

Yes, it’s true, I really do “LOVE” words!

There is nothing as thoroughly satisfying, interesting and worthy of my time than simply working, … dare I say it, … “playing” with words!

Always seeking to find the perfectly precise, new, original word combinations to create the very terms and phrases that will effectively present my client’s unique and specific message in such a way that is simultaneously, clear, clever, comfortable, concise, complete, creative and of course, compelling.

Only the RIGHT words, in the proper combination and order, can be thoroughly relied upon to create the exact response from the reader / listener that is desired.

So obviously, when it comes to doing what it is that I do best, developing the most efficient way to express your unique message directly to your niche’, targeted audience, not all words are equal.

That’s where “UP” words come into play. Have you ever experienced a speech that just totally knocks your socks off? A speech so inspirationally motivating and hope inducing, that you simply cannot help but be internally touched, awakened, driven by the power of the message?

Do you think that those awe inspiring, action driving words were purely tossed together randomly by chance, or do you think that maybe someone like me spent 2, maybe 3 days preparing that 15 to 30 minutes of pure, electrifyingly exciting enthusiasm?

How was it done?

It was accomplished with the careful, skillful application and utilization of “UP” words, that when read or spoken in proper combinations and order, create that breath taking sense of wonder and uplifting intensity that can woo crowds, command attention and drive reignited and impassioned souls to the farthest reaches of their ability in order to successfully reach for the stars.

All because someone took the time to align the words in a particular sequence, like a secret, mystical formula, intentionally designed to create what might appear to be a completely abrupt and spontaneous outcome or outbreak of action, but in actuality, all quite carefully planned for by the writer possibly even MONTHS before the words were ever released on the public to effectively do their amazing magic.

Could so many huge, successful companies consistently plan on spending literal millions of dollars daily on advertising campaigns, if they weren’t absolutely certain, well in advance, that their copy writer is fully capable of predictably creating precisely the exact response necessary when the commercials are finally released to be broadcast to their specific, niche’ targeted audience?

What if you had the opportunity to apply the very same expert strategies that the “Fortune 500” companies use regularly to grow and expand, on your own small to medium sized business or organization?

Would that be something worth seriously considering when seeking some way to somehow help level the playing field while competing with the corporate mega-giants for the very same customers, whose limited, spendable income might more dramatically effect the health of YOUR bottom line, as compared to the bottom line of the those companies that have the money to go out and buy 3 or 4 of those 30 second “Super Bowl” spots?

Is it worth spending a couple minutes discussing your upcoming projects?

Only you can decide what the answer to that question is!

I look forward to you comments and questions!

Larry   😉

“On Words And Up Words”

Larry L. Nichols

Words are my paints – Minds are my canvases.